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Sadly, Bhartrharihas, through the centuries, suffered neglect, largely because the Grammarian School never figured in the six major systems of traditional Indian philosophy.

For the first time, this monograph tries to reinterpret Bhartrhari's position - 'as a philosopher', emphasizing the high relevance of his Vakyapadiya to modern Western thought.

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Jenny Saldaña, 45, an actress, comedian and Ford Model of Courage living in New York City; diagnosed 11 years ago"When I signed up for OKCupid, they asked, What’s the most private thing you’re willing to admit?From the Jacket: It is the first ever study of the 5th-century scholar, Bhartrhari's Vakyapadiya in an altogether modern: the post-Fregean, perspective on the Philosophy of Language.A uniquely original thinker in India's splendid grammarians' tradition, Bartrhari overreached the limits of language analysis set by his predecessors, like Panini and Patanjali, constructing, as he did, a brilliant philosophy of language that sought to spell out, among other aspects, the subtle distinctions between the 'knowable' and the 'sayable', between 'what is said' and 'what is meant', between the semantics of 'everyday speech' and 'literary discourse'.Also offered here is a lucid exposition of the Sphota Theory. Patnaik's a decade-long research on Bhartrhari's philosophy, the volume highlights not only ancient Indian contribution to the study of language, but the interconnectedness among its indigenous approaches to linguistics, philosophy, logic, and aesthetics as well. Which have given her the essential interdisciplinary orientation to reinterpret Bhartrhari in terms of the recent developments in the Philosophy of Language. A philosophy teacher of about 25 year long standing, and also author of three books and numerous research papers, Dr. THE intellectual climate for interdisciplinary research is almost non- existent in India.About the Author: Tandra Patnaik, who distinguished herself with Utkal University's top positions at the B. Her doctoral dissertation on "James' Concetp of Meaning" (1982) was spoken of very highly by Sri P. Strawson (of Oxford) who also happened to be her Ph. Under these circumstances a book on Bhartrhari - which requires competence in philosophy, grammar as well as Sanskritic studies - is not a mean achievement.