Who is debra messing dating 2016

producer's marriage Tuesday, more than three years after Messing filed for divorce.

Page Six reports the couple have yet to come to a custody and settlement agreement.

Messing kept it going, writing, “2- the idea that Susan Sarandon wud say that NOT supporting Hillary in a HRC/Trump race is a legitimate choice for Democrats, is insane.” Sarandon responded, “.

“Because you know we were on network television and there were certain lines of common storytelling that we were limited to so it would be fun to kind of go into that world where nothing is held back.” Still, Messing’s reply isn’t entirely hopeless, and other cast members have expressed an interest in reviving their beloved characters in the past.

A rep for the actress previously revealed that Messing and Zelman have no immediate plans to divorce.

Is speaking at a national political convention a prestigious gig? There’s nothing wrong with her exactly, other than the vague air of desperation that encircles her. As discussed on the podcast, Trainor recently announced that she had no interest in voting, then promptly took that back. If so, I guess she’s already inspiring the youth.) The process of wrangling these celebrities is no doubt diplomatically complex, but why not shoot for the stars?

"I feel like the 20 years we had together has been a huge success.

Despite the fact that everything is changing, I think everyone is thriving." The co-star Will Chase from 2011 to 2014. News the actress is single and focusing on her work instead of dating.