Trouble updating my ps3 with 2 10

I've tried pulling out the hard drive and trying to get to safe mode and doing the same and trying to get the update to initialize, but I still get the error code.

And now, I'm in the process of formatting the hard drive to fat32 on my pc and will throw it back in and repeat the safe mode attempts, etc.

the reformat made it so I could get to safe mode, but I'm unable to use any of the functions therein to resolve my problem.

I tried hard resetting the system and it says I have 4.45 I believe. My controllers aren't synced anymore, the thing just boots up (doesn't show that safety disclaimer anymore) and sits there like a screensaver. I would absolutely have gone ahead with that update tonight if I hadn't seen this, that's a huge bummer.Anyone else got a firmware update tonight and have it mess up your PS3?I've searched and found no info on there being an update and I've been playing online for the past week (Last of Us). All I could find was someone suggesting to take out the HDD and replace it with another one (don't have an extra HDD laying around). Also, if I try to turn it off it just makes a double beep noise and won't shut off. Turn it back on and its just back at the wave with nothing else on the screen. To fix the "delete FC3 game data" issue, players have to delete the entire game, including save files, and re-download the "correct version" from the Play Station Store, this one with a download size of 9.4GB.Below, see Ubisoft's full instructions on how to delete , which has an issue that sends the game to a black screen when it detects external USB devices.