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Between September 2014 and March 2015 he went six months without a goal but then it was just Vardy, the man from Fleetwood Town, rather than Vardy the England international and Premier League winner.

s a footballer who only turned professional in 2012, and has cleared every hurdle that has been placed in front of him, one might argue that the last few weeks represent nothing more than a footnote in the Vardy story.

It also has its adjustment instructions and key, and its packing slip.1” micrometer made by the Reed Small Tool Works, Worcester, Mass., USA. The front of the frame is marked with the decimal equivalents of 1/8ths, 1/16ths and 1/32nds and the back with 1/64ths. Although it possibly dates from the 1930s (it is in the 1936 catalogue) it is in near mint condition with both anvils, the one inch circular standard, and its tools as well as instructions and other leaflets.

Laroff This is an updated discussion of the two major makers of "Addis" tools and attempt to assign and date the imprints on the tools. It has 7 inch by 40ths and 18 cm by 1 mm scales and the verniers read to 1/1000 in and 0.1 mm. Graduated to 14 inches by sixteenths on the upper edge and 350 mm by one mm on the lower edge.For inside measurements the tips are marked 1/8” and 5 mm. Troughton & Simms were scientific instrument makers rather than engineering tool manufacturers and the construction reflects this. The inch vernier reads to 1/132 inches and the metric vernier to an order finer 0.02mm. 770/1 vernier calliper for inside and outside measurement. The range of interchangeable anvils allow dimensions from 2 to 8 inches to be measured, The 2 to 3 inch one is fitted to the micrometer body in the case. Purchased for use in my workshop and still in use when required.ertainly against Copenhagen on Tuesday, Vardy worked hard: long sprints into the channels, and his trademark closing down of defenders where, in the space of two seconds, he goes from a speck in the peripheral vision to right up in their grill. Although the case has some damage the micrometer itself still has some of its original preservative grease on it suggesting that it has hardly been used.