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I used the code to extract the coordinates from a *.CSV file, made the master shape to be dropped on the page and apply those coordinated to it. -Miki Ok, I found the solution to this question via Visioguy forum and I am posting the answer here so that incase someone might end up here trying to find the same thing.If C should consist of all of A, preceded or followed by all of B, you have 2 options (the 2nd of which is slightly more user-friendly): When you make changes in A or B, if you used the Master Document approach above, the changes will be updated automatically in C the next time that you open it (though to see this, you'll first have to switch to Outline view and click Expand Documents; otherwise, you'll just see a bunch of hyperlinks).This ongoing procedure is to ensure uniformity and consistency throughout Clarion County.All sheds and outbuildings will be taxed whether they are on skids, peers, or permanently attached to the ground.All buildings are subject to tax for their intended use.I would not recommend trying on a PC that you use regularly for other Access work, it is not impossible, but things get awkward.If you wish to run your 2003 version on 2007, make sure that you create an mde, otherwise you will run into problems.

All taxpayers are welcomed to review their records in the assessment office to ensure that they are up-to-date. Any copying, redistribution or retransmission of the contents of this service without the express written consent of EYT Media Group, Inc.

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I've written an Access 2003 application to handle internal things at my company over the past couple years and we are talking about upgrading all of our computers to Office 2007 which means Access will be updated. Allen Browne, Microsoft access MVP, has written a comprehensive article on Microsoft Access 2007 and upgrading: Converting to Access 2007 Here is an article by Microsoft: Transitioning Your Existing Access Applications to Access 2007 In case you are not aware, it is possible to try 2007 for free.

All improvements in the county that are 6 x 8 (48 square feet) and above are assessed.

The exceptions to this are licensed mobile homes, dollhouses, doghouses, outhouses, and any improvement that has been deemed exempt by the Board of Appeals.