Updating jensen gps

update 1.05 (Title Update 3) is now live on PS4 and Xbox One, and scheduled to arrive on PC on April 14th.

As you would expect with any update, 1.05 comes with a slab of stability improvements and bug fixes.

I recently purchased a Jensen VX7020 and am try to get i Go Primo 2 working on it.

The last version of what I got was from: I went by post#2 and grabbed everything linked through that. - but that's another story) Put the building, map and poi files in their respective folders: \Mobile Navigator\content\building \Mobile Navigator\content\map \Mobile Navigator\content\poi When I start the application I receive the following error: "Map files cannot be found" This is using the HERE maps, and I just read a seperate licence may be needed for this.

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If the next street is important in the route, it is likely that the to frequently connect and check the time with the satellite. These allow you to adjust the clock if your satellite doesn't support daylight savings time nor will it adjust for the Time Zone differences.Notably it also comes with support for the upcoming expansion.The update also adds Live Season Challenges, which begin on April 18th, and will happen through multiple seasons with each lasting six weeks and featuring a specific theme and rewards. Tyler Fischer is the Assignments Editor and News Editor at Dual Shockers.Before (always) renaming any file in Windows go to Control Panel - View and TURN OFF "Hide extensions for known file types" to avoid situations with double file extension like exe and to be able to see file extensions at all (do it anyway).At last, find on old SD card and copy it to new one overwriting it (backup old first). Good luck Hello all - I am in need of assistance, i've gone through so many settings and options and have hit a brick wall.