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Roman fresco with banquet scene from the Casa dei Casti Amanti, Marisa Ranieri Panetta (ed.): Pompeji. Though he wrote under the reign of Augustus and his moral legislation, his works are lewd and satirical.

Geschichte, Kunst und Leben in der versunkenen Stadt. Humorously, Ovid mentions several times that the Your husband too will be present at my banquet— I pray it’s his last meal, that man of yours! When he sinks on the couch, as you recline at the table there be the face of modesty itself—secretly touch my foot!

“Unless you spend some time inside this kind of culture, it’s very hard to believe that it could be like this,” journalist Robert Mickens tells FRONTLINE. Elizabeth recently co-wrote TIME’s Person of the Year portrait of Pope Francis. We’d like to thank TIME for partnering with us on today’s chat.

In 2014, she joined the Vatican's commission for the protection of minors, hoping to help make changes. Artemisia Gentileschi was "one of the most remarkable women in the history of western art," says Richard Savino, artistic director of the music ensemble El Mundo, whose newest CD was inspired by the Baroque painter.

Yet as I looked at the man more closely, I saw that it was definitely him. During the previous few days, I had heard a lot about this man.

When we were alone, I spoke his name, telling him mine. I had heard that he is a gossip, a social operator whose calendar is a blur of drinks and dinners with cardinals and archbishops, principessas and personal trainers. We left the sauna and, after further conversation, civil but stilted, went our separate ways. But in Rome these days the topic of gay priests in the upper reaches of the Holy See is hard to avoid.

"We tracked him down on a bus at 3.30am," said the officer.

"He tried to flee but was blocked and gave himself up." Officers discovered the pistol he was carrying was a replica.