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It would be great if you answer the this question and write you name, location, and age.I'm looking for those in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s. Women go from being cute and young to the situation where they have to try to attract guys.Gerry joined Buyers Lab after a 20 year career in Business-to-Business information sales, management and business development. Troubled star Lindsay Lohan is a mess because she grew up witnessing a violent marriage marred by abuse and a rape, said mom Dina Lohan, who claims her ex-husband physically assaulted her during their 22-year union."Because he had more scenes with Harvey Keitel." Madsen's agents weren't convinced he ought to do the movie at all, but Madsen was so adamant that Tarantino allowed him to audition for Pink, the guy who doesn't tip. I walked in the room at the 20th Century Fox lot and he was standing there with his arms folded, Harvey sitting on the couch in bare feet," he recalls."I made my case for playing Mr Pink, and Quentin said: 'OK, show me what you got.' For one of the only times in my life I'd rehearsed the dialogue, so I did a couple of Mr Pink scenes. You're Mr Blonde – and if you're not Mr Blonde, then you're not in the movie.'" He was Mr Blonde. Madsen laughs his craggy laugh as he tells the story, sitting on a terrace at his home high above the Malibu coastline.

"I wanted to play Mr Pink," he says of the part eventually assigned to Steve Buscemi.

Dina made the explosive allegations in a interview at a Long Island hotel, armed with police and medical reports to back up her claims.

Michael Lohan vehemently denied assaulting or raping his ex-wife when reached at home Sunday night and questioned her motives in coming forward now with “evil lies” about decades-old events.

“As an independent away from the Hollywood mill, he never had much to fear from a boss or a competitor," Preminger said in a statement.

"He could be who he wanted to be and free to do what was right.” In addition to his wife, survivors include his daughters Georgia and Lucy.