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Kristanna_Loken_Live says: I did extensive training. I started with a nutritionalist and I wanted to put on weight so I put on 15 pounds and I did weapons training and I did what’s called Krav Maga. Dish Diva says: It’s too bad you didn’t train for this. Kristanna_Loken_Live says: We actually had 3 different prosthetic arms so they could be shot from right, left, or straight on.

They weren’t terribly comfortable, as well as a fake plasma cannon arm can.

Kristanna_Loken_Live says: The one that had to be shot from straight on I had to have my arm tied behind my back and that was uncomfortable they made it as good as it could be. The last few were very physical and he told me it would be the strangest audition I’d be on and he was right. I Kristanna_Loken_Live says: didn’t even know if I was doing what he wanted. The Storm03891 in Onstage1 asks: Did you need to take special driving lessons to drive the Champion Crane truck or did some one else do it for you?

slurrey_dot_com in Onstage4 asks: In the movie do you use your sexiness as a way to get what you want? Kristanna_Loken_Live says: They spent quite a bit of money reversing the steering on the crane.

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Kristanna_Loken_Live says: Hello from sunny Los Angeles!!

D3n_X in Onstage1 asks: Hey Kristanna, how was it like making a movie with the big guy?